WishList - @Evernote

If the developers read this, first of all, thank you. I started writing my WishLists precisely because I love your app and want to use it more.

# Overall 

What I want Evernote to be is a complete organizational system: Integrated calendars, tasks, time tracking, lists, notes. 

# Plain text

I copy paste a lot. Probably too much. That's fine on my Mac because I use a utility to strip formatting from my clipboard and ⌘-V becomes a plain text paste. However, I want my notes to default to plain text and become formatted as an option. I have a pretty good utility on Windows right now (6/14), but I haven't gotten around to finding a way to re-map CTRL-V to be a plain text paste.

# Tasks / Reminders

As of 6/14, I'm trying out Fantastical / Reminders / iCloud to handle my tasks. Mostly it's great. Its shortfall is that when I complete a task, I want to put notes in about the task. Most of the time, I want to record lessons learned so I don't forget why it failed the first time around.

## Recurring Reminders

If Evernote had recurring reminders, you'd bring so much value to the feature. While I can't speak for all your users, but I would start using it for my tasks. While I have no idea how you'd code it or how your back-end systems would look, from the end user point of view, it seems to me you'd have the basis for a task management system. If the GTD movement and the whole task and time management self-help industry is any indication, that's a huge market to tap into. Basically, what I'm saying, is please give us recurring reminders.