Optimizing - OSX - Paste As Plaintext


I wanted to be able to paste as plain text--stripping away any formatting--without first pasting into and out of a text editor. 

So I researched a script and found one here http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20040204170653788

set the clipboard to «class ktxt» of ((the clipboard as text) as record)

So I took that script and launched Automator.app. 

I created a Service. 

In the workflow, I added the Run AppleScript action and pasted the command into the action.

I saved it as PastePlaintext.

Then, I went to System Preferences / Keyboard / Shortcuts / Services / Text. I added a shortcut to PastePlaintext. I did not want to overwrite the default paste shortcut in case I do want to paste formatting. So I added ⇧⌘v.