Optimizing - iOS [revised 2015-07-21]

# App Store

I find that the App Store's search has been rather slow in its last few iterations. 

To quicken my re/search I use a third-party app to by just search but also track my purchases and decide whether or not to buy an app. The app I use is AppShopper.app. It's the companion app for AppShopper.com. Though AppShopper.app is a tad outdated, I highly recommend using AppShopper.com for price booking. 

In addition to AppShopper, I recommend using search engines since the iTunes Store is searchable via URLs. Before I changed my default search to DuckDuckGo, I would use Google search to search for apps. I would search the app name I wanted and added *iOS* or *iTunes* to the search.  DuckDuckGo's search isn't quite as robust so I end up searching with *iPhone* or *iPad*. Because I use both, I miss using the more generic iOS / iTunes term. 

# Shortcuts

You can go into Settings / General / Keyboard / Shortcuts and add all your non-standard lingo. 

I've added telan since AutoCorrect wants to change it to Texan. (I added it as lowercase as sometimes it's a case-sensitive username. [I know... a system that has case-sensitive usernames.. it's barbaric.])

I've also added telan@ which expands into one of my various email addresses. 

With iCloud sync, these shortcuts get synced on all your iOS devices. (Mavericks 10.9.x also syncs these shortcuts, but I find that shortcuts on my iPhone get in the way on my Mac.)

# Homescreen as of 2015-07-21 


# Fonts

Despite not wanting a phablet, I always feel like there's never enough room on my iPhone screen. For that I minimize my fonts.

* Settings / General / Accessibility / Larger Type
* Enable Larger Dynamic Type.
* Drag the slider all the way to the left.

# ChangeLog


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