24 Hour Comic

From December 6th through 7th 2014, I was a walk-in participant in Atomic City's 24 Hour Comic Book Challenge

What is a 24 Hour Comic? Read creator Scott McCloud's page about it http://scottmccloud.com/4-inventions/24hr/dare/.

Was it fun? YES!

Would you do it again? PROBABLY!

Did you learn anything? YES! In prepping, I did a lot of comics reading and film theory watching. I love superheroes, but I know my artistic aesthetic doesn't lean that way so I knew I was going to write something less... colorful.  So I learned about framing in a way I never even thought of. I also realized that if the other participants are going to talk about Conan the Barbarian and watch Robocop, the violence (and plots) are going to work their way into my comics. Also, making sequential art hurts my head.

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