WishList - iCloud Remiders [Revised]


 * I would like to see iCloud Reminders and Notes turned into an Evernote competitor. 

* Shared Reminders support on all devices. I am disappointed that I am unable to share lists from iOS 

* Unified GUI (graphical user interface) experience on all devices. Oddly, iCloud.com has the best experience. I think it's odd because I feel that Apple's priorities have been 1. iOS 2. OSX 3. iCloud.com. In this case it seems to be 1. iCloud.com with both iOS and OSX being treated like 2nd class citizens. 

* Snooze option that gives you different time intervals to snooze until. Mailbox.app's snooze options have helped me to be agile in prioritizing email depending on the tasks I am juggling at the moment. I try to only check email at specific times in the day. I then use the snooze options to alert me of email I need to deal with when I know I'll have the time to deal with it. 

* Completed list in iOS, OSX, and iCloud.com... I like to be able to review what I've completed in case there are things I can build upon

* Scheduled list in all devices. iCloud.com has it, and I think it's great.

* Unscheduled list. This is actually really important for me. I want all my tasks to have reminders / deadlines. I even want my GTD Someday list to have the because I want to be prompted to remember that they exist. I actually have a recurring task to audit my lists to verify that all tasks have a reminder / due date set. I want to be able to set due dates / reminders so I can forget about the task until I need to remember to do it.